symptom, notwithstanding the bowels did not move until
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of the other resolutions. Xow, under existing circumstances,
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the incidence of the disease was by far most frequent in the second and
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mode of exit from the chest. When the thoracic pus does take
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the consequences they will involve, who disregard this precept.
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such perversely ingenious devices. I will not bandy words
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method of gradual dilatation, the mechanical action of
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at least, has seemed to be of so much importance, that I have now
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and full of muscous. Later more watery. Patient looses appetite
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fistula, it was found that the parts at the opening
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2. Plugging of Vagina. — Plugging should be always done
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shape. Presumably, with this low magnification, only the larger
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may exist in the air and water supplies. The more vigor and
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of consumption are subjected by the manifold changes of acute and
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almost furious about the pains. Worse in the open air. Very impatient
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features are remarkably like those of tuberculosis, but the disease is
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The severity of the gastric symptoms is dependent upon the degree
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there is a slight depression covered by normal skin. The patient
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the brachial plexus (q.v.), and of traumatic avulsion of limbs. The results
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turia of acute posterior urethritis is of common oc-
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destroyed life more rapidly and in smaller dose than any poison known ; and from the
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ridge of bone. Dupuytren met with an instance, in which a ball, after having
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Poland China.— Head long and narrow between the eyes; nose uneven and
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stopped, sleep calm, and she complains only of diarrhoea, which
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of the eyes is useful. I tell them that in reading, pure muscu-
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into glucose, on which the cell then lives, decomposing the glucose into alcohol, carbonic
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tifl' was a young surgeon, who sought to recover damages
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ture of a considerable portion of venous blood. It is also said that
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stomach at the time of the cessation of the vital functions of this viscus.
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atric Society, etc., New York. New (2) edition. Revised and
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drawn and natural ; the cuts representing the different instru-
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be carried by the lymphatics, as in the 29 cases of multiple, suppura-
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These demonstrations are becoming more and more numer-
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in resorting to it as well as reasonable delay. I have never had occasion to
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