Sir, — There are some discrepancies, or prima fade contradictions, in
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mucous membrane of the intestine, and pass through the mesenteric glands
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The treatment which brings good results should be frequently repeated ;
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but may be in its whole length, and even in the jejunum and duodenum. The
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tionate to the number of deaths among the same class ; but ongexamin-
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condition to arise from the blood-vessels of the skin, and not to be of lymphatic
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chilliness. The individual becomes pale and he has a shivering. His teeth
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fyecae^ like antimony, operates to diminish the force and frequency of
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light and are frequently dilated ; the corneal reflex is abolished, the breath-
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tba tlrowannesiy rudasaoeas, and other lympioros ^kich it produces.
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m his profession ; fortified, also, by the attendance and opioioo of one
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Southey's trocars. In the persistent vomiting which often accompanies
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personality and abuse, in the public lectures of two of the surgeons of
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neptible, and therefore less annoying to the patient.
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these cases the operations which, were originally undertaken for the relief
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exstrophy of the bladder, exomphalos, encephalocele, and defective states of
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every seventh copv ^ati«.— Orders iVom a distance must be ac«onpaatod by |iV»*'"""
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acute conjunctivitis, such as a feeling of roughness, or a sensation as of
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paroxysmal attacks of dyspncea, especially at night. Dysphagia may
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twelve days. The mildest cases are seen in children. It is to be borne in
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the green leaves, applied to the mamms ; or a strong decoction, with
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confusion. Delirium is almost invariable and is of two kinds — the so-called
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with enemata ; from this I concluded that they lay deep within the sacculi