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the consequences they will involve, who disregard this precept.

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portions of the building. There are no published re- his good health, whereupon an investigation was or-

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lips. This is characteristic of these cretins. These cases showed a

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her round of visits, instructing the people in the care of the

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tions must be sent to the Dean of the Hospital not later than June IS.

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propria ; therefore, when it has spread to the sacrum, the pros-

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lera, since it has prevailed in Europe, have proved fatal. Had the

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frequently involved, either alone or in conjunction

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tion is sufficient for the detection of the presence of

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It is invariably the case that whenever a woman takes upon herself a

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with his forefinger and by occasional snips with the scissors, he frees the tongue as

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sound, while his hygienic deductions from those principles are correct and

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perhaps mustard-seed gas. We are pleased to see the picric acid treatment is still

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organography, and also of a simpler nomenclature than is yet

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plugs, looking like a staked-out boundary between the contiguous brown

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guide in the operation. There is no danger of cutting the

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Fio. 2.— Humerus of Wombat (after Flower), showing epieondyloid foramen.

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was made between the shoulder blades with a Koch syringe. I keep

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extremities. In the former case their localization has considerable

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and with suppuration in the mediastinal connective tissue and in the sub-

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ered the annual address of the President, and the annual orations, and the

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tissues at the site of inoculation are constantly changing; and

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promise of a full supply of surgeons for war needs,

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common duct is occluded. In the non-icteric cases the

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Lepine, who has made most important researches on diabetes, has given

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useless burden, tvviuing limp around the crutch, subject

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and sometimes we believed the story, but oftener we

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fibrin, absorbed by the lymphatics and bloodvessels,

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drop in carefully a very small quantity at a time of powdered chlorate

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made on the system, and if a resolution or crisis is not produced

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prior to that time in Germany. She had suffered induced mis-

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The prognosis of the case depends usually upon the treatment. If

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An observed increase in this irregularity is, of course, of extreme signi-

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