*Read before The El Paso County Medical Society on January 12th, 1901.

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terization was practised, and part of the benefit might be

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a complete subsidence of pain. The tenderness over the bone had

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an observer's station and the sea — that great manufactory of ozone.

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be applied himself in his youth chiefly to music, and became a good

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The diagnosis of small-pox, as separating it from varicella, though,

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with perhaps, the single exception of their kindred structure

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means of transport by rail or water, in fact, all administration of

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issued by a general practitioner. The patronage of the

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I'asteur startled the world by the introduction of his anti-

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cent) ; in 123 cases (58.6 per cent) he escaped uninjured.

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bacilli of that disease, that it was inevitable that a

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the Torula cereviam. Pasteur, who discovered the nature of

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given in the form of hot sling, Tincture of Capsicum in hot water,

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limbs, all the patients recovered. Of 6 cases of primary amputation of the

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titions, and the turning over from one part of the book to another

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Still there is no abatement of the convulsions. I now have the woman

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poisonous ingredient seems to be ethyl-nitrite, which

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distinctly less than in the non-tuberculous cases, there being 5

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mother, and the other a brother of the patient suffering from