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most promising of the plans for relief at first employed — viz., paracentesis
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ment. The woman, however, begged to see me, and I at
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form of capsulotomy that leaves as few shreds of capsule
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tive disease known as pityriai^is viga. The latter is accompanied by
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bloody and mucoid, later becoming fluid. The number of discharges per day
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thousand francs, for the best work upon a subject per-
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which the different diseases are characterized. Work-
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science." The appeal, and the evidence of ability which ac-
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may mistake them for the creatures of her imagination ; and about these
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against the management of the British army hospitals
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punished. An examination of pure food legislation showed that
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border appears usually homogeneous and refringent, though in some
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point of fixation. To this hook a cord was fastened, which,
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stitute the order of phenomena of those convulsions that occur
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At the age of pubescence all the signs denoting the accession of tuber-
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that had been kept for two hours at a temperature of
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his hands, and which is not unfrequently associated with tenderness of
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tremely rigid ; also in a similar piece of periosteuni on
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think," added Dr. Fuller, " that is a very good example
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enlightened vigour, by M. Dnruy, the present Minister of
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from the exterior; 2. Those which are applied to all
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Febrile affections are so immensely diversiGed, that even to give such
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exhibited were taken from the body of a man who died in Mercer's
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uses mannite, maltose and saccharose bouillon with litmus as an indicator.
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No. 11. — The actual cautery was applied with great benefit.
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this city, who afterwards established a sanitarium in
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General of the Army for an extension of three months.
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Haematemesis or more frequently melaena may occur without