infected with true diphtheria; further, 20 of the cases

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in good health until two months before his death, when symp-

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thermocautery several holes were burned in the box of ex-

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greatly benefited under the conditions there prevailing.

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appeared, had been, as usual of late years, open and

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liver, was in deep collapse, pulseless, with rice-water purging,

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" somewhat freer " than in the calcaneo-cuboid, but with no other

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there was absolutely no specific history, we decided to put him

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on the 20th of June, it was carried to the neighbouring island of Grozo and

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take manual labour of any kind. Other means of occupa*

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literally to give the patient a vapour-bath, were included

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shortly after birth without recourse to anaesthesia.

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cordial and unqualitied appiobation of all who wish to wipe from th4

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come more and more to the belief that even in them the radical

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pain; tlic cliild cries out suddenly, and then relieves

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Urotropln (hexa-methylene-tetramin), formed by the union of

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ispheres, and facts do not appear to show a greater liability to its occur-

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filtration through animal charcoal, fresh ether being added till the original

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sota, contacting individuals and groups; Mrs. Harold

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The temperatures of the little patients were often but

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Dr. I)<&b;glas — I second Dr. Barrick's motion. My recollection is that the original

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appearances of typhoid fever, as well as a high degree of pyrexia, in

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attention as it often causes menorrhagia and Mental Culture."

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correctly remarks, must not be regarded as the result of an ex-

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comprehensive medical care for the individual and his family

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bichloride gauze. The assistant removed the ligature as re-

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tions of the stomach, orthoform will give relief owing to its

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• Use neutral but descriptive language. Avoid using

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oxide is germicidal when it contains one hydroxyl group, or when it readily

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suffers in its nutrition, and may even undergo necrosis or death. An extra-

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uterus and the vagina. The irritation in these cases being transmit-

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which have occurred in his practice, adding the organs into