French observers, therefore, at present speak of the disease, in distinction from
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1. Are allowed to exercise their professions — ^the medioil men, pharmaoistSi
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unimportant factors in diagnosis. The easily occurring flushing of the face,
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Thoracic Surgery; Th., Speed, Fractures; Tu., David, Abdominal Surgery; F.,
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muscles (Goldflam). Such a patient can, for instance, utter a few sentences
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practicing in or near Bedford are admitted as out pupils of the In>
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independently as a primary disease, but we can very often succeed in finding
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Uniybbsity of DuBHAM.^^Iandidates for a degree must be gra-
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gluteal nerve) ; these muscles may then undergo a vicarious hypertrophy. Pa-
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Hospital. Hotbse Sv/rgeons : Begulations as for the House Physicians.
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creased, both from the clinical and the anatomical standpoints, and Kussmaul
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teric, favor the disposition to neuralgia. The general neuropathic predispo-
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a rule, indicates more deeply seated disease. The muscular hypertonicity
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£20 and £30 respectively, which are tenable for one year. These are
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of " spastic spinal paralysis," yet, in the original sense of the word, the affec-
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Gout may affect the mucous membranes. A gouty dyspepsia is very fre-
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Jssist the veterlnaHan i« su^rof^sslonal care of anImaU IncludlM the-b«sk
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obstinate, and very troublesome affection, which may last for weeks or months.
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must be sought in those parts of the brain which are the most central portions
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patient some particular kind of food — for instance, the carbohydrates or the
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its especial features as described in the text books. What is required
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I1«ibur§er are frequently used as the. natural cheese coai^fiMt; they need not be of
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of adult age and of good moral character, who gives evidence of
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S. SPICIAl NCrtE - as has oe«fl'Ji»fitiOft«d wrKer. "Underwii^ftt" and "Small End Up'' ar-
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When the patient is safely over the shock, our resources for aiding him in
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Faculty. Any omission of a declaration prescribed by the rules, or a
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tions of tbe Urine, and in Practical Cbemistry and Toxicology. Tbe
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«(iiicliidmg demonstrations), first course, £4 4s. — second course, £2 2s. ;
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cannot write spontaneously or from dictation. Then there is writing amnesia
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inate the poison, which becomes generally diffused, and sets up changes in
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sclerosis be localized to an unusual extent in the pons and medulla, the sj'mp-
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'^*mn H ascorfeic add frftqutntly ys«<t as a food additive'^
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perceive the difference between genuine idiopathic chorea and the symptomatic
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fiber, viz., as the direct prolongation of a nerve cell (ganglion cell). We now
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