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Sik: Since my article on ''Leprosy in the United States"

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4. The ureter (u) generally remains attached to the peritoneum;

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(C.) Congenital unilateral anophthalmus. Arch. Ophth.,

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after taking into account the nomenclature difficulties, there is still an

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there is active tuberculosis in the lungs and some slight ulceration

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cially in those children which are of a weakly constitution or prematurely born.

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stronger or less embarrassed, and with the less effective ven-

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aoT^P star. ] The single star-shaped fiffure formed

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only temi>orary from a congested turbinal. At times when the

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of cellular tissue separating the capsule from the pharyngeal

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Guerin divides gums into three classes : 1. Arabin (of which

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than in women. It is especially common among the poor and un-

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invariably, relied on as an essential part of the reduc-

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hagic Fever, (Hemoglobinuric Fever, Blaekwater Fever, or Malarial

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(HAM). 12 ' 14 This appears to be quite common in the Carib-

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(E. H.) Observations ou typhoid outbreaks. Indian M.

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pool, and William Younghusband. Birkennead. of the Liverpool School ;

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• Rf ad before the Louisville Mcdico-Chirurgical Society. April 7. 1S99. For discussion see p;<^

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the Pall-Mall Gazette, stated — what all anatomical terminology

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gard to exercise, diet and treatment, with the watch-

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cellularis is the much greater vitality of the former. Weichselbaum lays

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in which it might be placed would receive equal intensities of

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Chlorate of Potassium in the Treatment of Bvirns. — The " British