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appearances post mortem, from which it is to be con-

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an American book, the joint authorship of Drs. J. Madison

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the stomach. The yellow tinge, indicating biliary congestion,

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from the liot air and other baths, when directed by a

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ness of this opinion might almost be taken for granted, on accoimt of the

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Dr. Weisse related a case of chronic ulceration of the

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administered ammonia spts. aromat. 6 c.c, renewed in

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priority, and the data in the latter and in Lardy's "Contribution ft 1'histoire de la

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bodies found in the seminal fluid of the snail, that any one who

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to say intestinal stasis, if it exists, wwll aggravate the condition

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advanced ; the skin of the opposite side was dry, hard, the coat

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silver. I seize the meatus on removing the syringe and

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state with all their juices; others should be partially dried and

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affords the most reasonable hope for a favourable result.

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The operation lasted an hour and a half. The patient stood

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1888, Bresl., i889, Ixvi. 270-283, Also: InteTnat. klin.

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resections, removing the offending cartilage and bone and retain-

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own observation.' The stomach in this case was distended with an en

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inside, by being burned ; and that it does not lose more than two per

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with a sterilized thin glass rod the coagulum within

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removed the dressing, and, to my utter chagrin and .surprise, inv man's

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health and disease. However, it seems likely that genetic

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of the blood is much disturbed. It is driven inward, and with every

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assumes that the uterus and one or both of the adnexa are to be preserved.

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The term arterio-sclerosis, often termed endarteritis deformans, has

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ounces ; 8th, 16 ounces ; 9th, 2 drachms tmct. of hyoscyamus in a

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by the patient. In such cases cutaneous pruritus is diagnosed a " pruritus

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blood in the feces or gastric contents, or gross hemorrhages are against the

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be prevented by the injury, and yet the other engaged in,

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Disturbance in the motor innervation stimulating the associated move-

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" We shall then have a grand assemblage of facts precious

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velocity of the blood flow, may produce important results. In-

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also feasible that the DNA index of the atypical seminoma

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genmts food ; as the lean of meat, the gluten of bread, and the

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Arts with a museum of natural history and comparative anato-

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treatment. few days I" was present when the able, big-

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" We hope the members of the Society will repeat this operation and