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inhibition of dyes (Huddleson method), two separate

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specific locations to the larviciding crews. Each pond or

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as our readers know, the American Medical Association has had

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timothy, may need treatment with them rather than with tim-

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tinctly favorably influenced by splenectomy, but other forms of

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vantage of Fuller's method appears to be that the optical density

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patients. Our records show that 12 per cent, of our medical

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insane, two of which were spent at the State asylum and the

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necessity, from some local considerations, and work and toil, to

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temperature range. The thermometer may fall below normal at the end

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nized as a brother worker in the healing art ; and, that the slurs

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g. The chicken flea (Echidnophaga gallinacea) (fig. 60(D) is of

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may be found in the mucous membrane and in septicemic lesions of the

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should be expected of being due to recent vaccination and a

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an organism may vary in shape, but the limit of its variability is fixed by its

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sexes to typhoid fever, but probably a slightly greater proportion of males

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feet in circumference, and he felt much stronger, albeit the bowels

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complete cures have frequently been reported. The prognosis

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ing, dysentery, chronic diarrhoea (intestinal invagination) ; then

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on the other hand, shows clearly the whole course of the dis-

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including nontypeable pneumococci. Inulin fermentation is usually

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be mild. Inoculation is now illegal in Great Britain and Ireland.

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" staying " qualities, being globular in form, with the surface

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new departure. The author apparently has sufficient confidence in

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gauges it to do its work with the least expenditure of fuel and

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on the side of safety ; but inert were the effects as was the cause.

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rpm in a No. 1 International centrifuge (1,580 rpm in a

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vulsion. The kidneys were large and congested, and exhibited, under the

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to the intercostal muscles with a complete dissection of the

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the more significant pathogens are likely to be overgrown by such

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with a medical certificate stating that he has met the conditions

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those of the eyes, nose, and respiratory passages; characterised by the

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perTd of six years. A slow downward clinical progress, mclud^

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a. General. When a hydrochloric acid solution of approxi-