water. Beer is also of service in this condition. I need hardly suggest the danger
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Malignant Disease of the Extremities. — Cases, eighty-
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moved, at almost any place, be it church or theatre, if she
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bottle (half a teaspoonful suffices at the time), and, where the child takes the breast,
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aware of their existence. The legislation, therefore, re-
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principes toxiques des champignons comestibles. Compt.
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also tolerant of the views of other men, and ready to
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articles which, although they may be creditable to their authors, are
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he concludes that the ordinary Ewald test meal consisting of bread and tea
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claim of its spontaneous origin. Glanders can no longer be considered
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be kept in a cool place. Dried lymph and crusts should be guarded
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not only to the surgeon and gynecologist, but to every
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Predi^osing Causes. — Taking up first the question of
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herbivora have a relatively small amount of hydrochloric acid in their
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its of such, work before being called upon tx> spend large sums
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sues is simply an actual increase of all the normal struc-
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Mr. Elliott's book has given us great pleasure, and we are
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out with a solution of carbolic acid or of potassium perman-
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man, affected with a form of chorea in which, in addition to the more
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"Tyndall has shown that floating microbes not only enter our
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William Pepper, M.D., Physician to the Philadelphia Hospital.
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Diarrhoea, Infantile. See Arsenic — Dysentery; Ca-
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Prof. M. told me some months after the ojieration he
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pervaded every department of medidne, and in none has
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but solely because he had no relish for it, hence does not eat boiled
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of so-called pyaemia, and is manifested, if death take place early, by noduleS|
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of the Carrel solution to infected wounds. In point
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It may at some time be necessary for the Federal Govern-
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far from contraindicating blood-letting, this condition urg-
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itude and your sense of duty fulfilled, will be a sufficient reward. But to those
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but no tumor growth was evident. The patient left the hospital June 1, 1905.