appearance a little better, but the posterior surface of the fauces is com-

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bad appetite, and a quick feeble pulse. A brisk purgative in the

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gree of asepsis. In the flat pelvis I think we may expect

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can be extended passively without difiiculty ; the thumb is still

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years ago that malaria could be carried in the probos-

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July 1. Discharged to convalescent home. Very much improved.

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half of the small intestine, but never close to the stomach, of dogs, wolves,

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basis of population distribution alone. Notable differences in personal and practice characteristics

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it still greater. Acrid bile is suj)poHed to be sometimes si*creted, and the

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received is printed elsewhere in the journal as space permits. Prices quoted are those given by the publishers.

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of the brain was no more than what could be said with respect

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Under medication it was found that nothing would abort the parox-

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Dr. F. T. Grigorovich ( Vratch^The Practitioner) has

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them contained this as one of the ingredients. In his

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thing from one-eighth to six-eighths of an inch above

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that dry syphilitic nephritis may occur in very different

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upper lobe is said to be very frequently the one involved in acute nephritis.

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It would seem a great pity that our modern constructors should have been obliged

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distended and contained much colloid substance, while those of

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majority of cases. This abnormal con- medicalej has used a multivalent antis-

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respiration, and not unfrequently with actual sewage contamination.

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for the isolation of the cholera vibrio in faeces. On this medium

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As to the explanation of this mode of treatment — as to whether its efficacy is due to

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of water as a menstruum. Inasmuch as the saturated solution of ani-

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himself among the latter, while Dr. Stephen Mackenzie sided

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20 -ss B. 21 jecnocobe, B.; gecnube, H., by contrac-

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small ecchymoses. The process begins at the apices of the

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The surface "within seems to have a peculiar undulatory motion which has

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as in the original operation which I did. It is un-

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Intraperitoneal injections may also be practised, although one is

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be a neuralgia, a recent sprain, a contusion, a superficial

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ing deep auivsthesia the intervals between the pains

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general belief. This belief is based on instances in which the disease has fol-