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The aifected joint becomes red, swollen, and tender, and its superficial
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of acute or chronic pleurisy are essentially the same whatever the cause
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the inferior nerve is frequently involved in aneurisms.
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any disturbance of one of these correlated factors must produce a corre-
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transformation in the intestine of bilirubin. It is to be remembered that
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suspicion of a complicating gangrene or suppuration.
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tack can be traced, but a violent emotion or a violent general muscular
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lobule in the fissure of Sylvius. It is an established fact that lesions of
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and fulness. Often there is a chill, mostly mild in character, followed
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thotonos. The hysterical convulsion is usually more or less incomplete,
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degrees of intensity, and that they are not sharply separated from one
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mechanical reasons, high elevation above the earth affords protection, and
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frontal, of the second and third branches softening of the ascending
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characteristic of the disease, and may be a late or an early symptom. In
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symptoms indicate an inflammation of the lung, the physical signs, with
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dence to place in any statements they may choose to bring forward
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liability of the bacilli to be forced into the apex by deep and violent
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With few exceptions, in contagious diseases, pers<ยป8, once at-
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modic movements of the thumb and first finger produce an occasional
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characteristic symptom of intussusception. When faecal retention is the
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this is the case there is usually a marked lowering of the general health,
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without any obvious anatomical lesion. The pathological importance of
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that if one be exposed to its poison, but avoids all of those causes that
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it is chiefly in these instances that the question between lithotrity and
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the teeth drop out, from destruction of the alveolar processes. The prog-
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given every eight hours. Extract of ergot is incapable of doing harm
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them into the tenderest parts of the body, to fill the uterine cavity over-
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ETIOLOGY. Diabetes insipidus is a disease more often found in males
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may also encircle the intestinal tube and form a broad or narrow ring.
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without difficulty by placing the patient upon the back and gently push-
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lutely hopeless prognosis is very rarely justified. We have seen recov-
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stretching obtained by forcible flexion of the thigh upon the body some-
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action upon the kidneys, which is parallel with that of the disease. If
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relaxed as thoroughly as possible, the knees perhaps being raised for this
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Large local areas, especially affecting the ovarian region of hyperaesthesia
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use has given us more satisfaction than almost any other laxative is
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tions. According to Osier, nearly twenty -five per cent, of the cases of
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muscular irritability. Nevertheless, as the cases ordinarily come under
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DIAGNOSIS. It is affirmed that the eruption in rotheln may exist