172 Eundle : Bed Isolation of Cases of Infectious Disease

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is noted in the mouth and upon the tongue. In case of high fever

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nerve, and at that point the chorda tympani fibres enter the

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to the touch. The skin is not usually so much affected as in dermato-

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oil used in this way, diminisli the tenesmus; camphor, turpentine, and

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pregnancy and be present only during the period, or it

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from the veiy nature of the fibroid tumour, to entertain a hope

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money for one day's labor than many physicians do in

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in the course of rheumatic fever. It is common in septic conditions and

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Patients who took 7'j to 12 grains of ver- ^^ round them; in others, there are large

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It is no longer a disputed point that the treatiuejit

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until the disease has run its course, was indeed very silly

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definite idea of where the trouble really began. Prior to the days of

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of a large area by the conditions conseiiuent on the l)lockingof the artery.

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importance of this matter. And we cannot omit this opportunity to urge it

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Three books have been forwarded to us for notice by

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Municipal Hospitsl for Contagions Diseases. Also a Deosrtment of Dentistry and a Department of Pharmacy and Chemurtry.

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organizing pneumonia, chronic interstitial pneumonia, induration of the

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In the next subclass — Gj/rencephala or convolute-

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therefore compelled, in view of these facts, to regard the dilatation and congestion of

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is no doubt that in some persons to whom the intensive

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The motor functions of the stomach usually run parallel with the con-

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De.\r Sir : The examination of the culture made by inoculating