elapsed. The general health is very much disturbed by the constancy of

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4. — The patient was thrown from bis bicycle and frac-

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into a harmless one, and the recovery from the anesthesia is only

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On first view, then, it might seem rather extraordinary that an iso-

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Cap. 3. " The Morphology of Choleraic Comma- bacilli." Their

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relapse under the influence of mercury into their former state, and

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or a pedunculated prostatic tumor projecting into the bladder

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incapacitated her though they kept her in precarious health.

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In his lectures on the principles of the treatment of fever. Dr. Beale says, if

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tion of remedial measures to disease and their employment on a rational basis,

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appear) and then after remaining pretty well for a time be has a relapse

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instruction; that every system of medical instruction should rest on the

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ined the heart's blood, which was collected in pipettes, allowed to coagulate,

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Heller's test — two per cent, on standing when tested by

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Cafe of Teeth and Hairs found in the right Ovarium. By

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not yet in the stage of application to aviators, by which application

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to facilitate their evacuation in the place of the customar}' castor

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ndependently of the feeling conveyed by the presence of air, a section of the

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state of the skin by which they were accompanied. The

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degeneration. In " breakdown," the formation of scar tissue

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cal point of view. He concluded by saying : "Just as we have

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and laryngeal involvement. Some of the accidents of the disease may pre-

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succeeded by redness and congestion. The first condition.

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X, 211-213.— True (H ) Le froid et le cliaud en tb^rapeu-

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fully studied by Ehrlich, Mayer, Retzius, and others, is a

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The several portions of the taenia, when voided, have hitherto been

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tions is longer than most of us appreciate. We are apt to lose sight of

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Union Station. It was in charge of the Local Passenger Agent,