prescribed iodoform and iron and iodoform ointment; the affection

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both sides. The patient, who suffered also from mental aberration, was

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greenish color and of a light specific gravity, and somewhat fibrous in structure.

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known as a clinician and the author of a work on prac-

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The functional spasm rested principally in the flexor longus

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and blossom from July to September. It grows on mountains

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those consolidations from one part of the lung to another is very irreg-

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as possible (carbolised catgut), and they were used because of

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physicians. Sir Francis Laking, and doubtless on one

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mander-in chief at Devonport, recently superseded on

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thyma, 250 ; Rupia, 251 ; Lepra, 251 ; Psoriasis, 252 ;

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introduced. A very small quantity of blood could be got to flow into the vein,

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when the first was expelled ? In support of this view allow me

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are necessary to rule out latent ligamentous instability.

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rated with pledgets of lint. The internal administra-

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calomel fumes in cases of diphtheritic croup depends

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fluid. Each of these powders generally contains, when intended

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principal agents used as antiseptics for surgical purposes

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You say you cannot see u why antimony, arsenic, (and it is presumed

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sclerotics. In this case, also, the results obtained by iridectomy were most satis-

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clear and well balanced ; her bodily functions were not

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tetano-antitoxine can obviate the local action of the