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when compared with a like statement made under his direction
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quito is completely benumbed by artificial cooling of the
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extreme is represented by an adult suffering from un-
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use of milk, skimmed milk, and condensed milk in the manufacture
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animals, whereas if the animal was killed and its blood ex-
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character of the disease, each of these names is incorrect. All imply that
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ters during the whole time of the raging of the disease.
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malignant degeneration in one of them. The tumor is there
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of a number such. He regretted that Guiteau's brain
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is indicative of arterial debility, they can be nothing else
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disease," are reckoned, in addition to tlie ai>pearances beU
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class of affections. In all that relates to etiology,
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are not uncommon, in which the back becomes more arched, the limbs
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cusses in detail the results of experiments with the X-ray upcm mice,
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In many cases the two were associated. The case in- which
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veins will still be compressed at the moment the digital arteries open under the
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" Sir, — With profound grief, which I am sure will be shared
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position, a brazen look of humbug and deception is expressed by
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after a time it became clear and normal. The urina-
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inches ; left, three inches. He was seen twice a week until January 17, 1866 ;
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given ungrudgingly to our brothers of the line — the so-called combatant
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Schimps. 8vo, 400 pages. Price. $2.50. Publishers, John Wiley
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understood as holding that there may not be a perispondy-
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has lately attracted attention in consequence of the recommendation of Planat.
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The ready communicability of poliomyelitis among human beings is
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portion of cases, although Pagniez {Presse Med., Paris, January 24,
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London to the Metropolitan Board, that in the proposed Bill
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varies in different cases. Most commonly it extends quite to the middle
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places, and in different cases at the same time and place. As a rule, it is
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irritation of the skin, touching the cornea, by shaking or talking
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pany purely decorative draperies are being omitted, and the
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caffeine. Three fluidrachms of the fluid extract were about equivalent
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