25. Left sternoclavicular articulation, tenth, eleventh, and

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celluloid, vulcaniie or silver is introduced aseptical-

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we consider the effect of changes of media upon the vibrations

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was a man of great intelligence and considerable lit-

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Dr. Caroline V. Still Anderson, aged seventy-one years.

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serobacterins were more efficient than the vaccines,

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to assert positively, that the seminal fluid of the Acanthocephala

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partially inlaid and the pin need be only long enough

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difficult on account of the mental capacity of most

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ten years, in America death during the first or sec-

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dent of the numerous lock admissions from 1794 to 1836 inclu-

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reader will at once perceive I only assent to a fact, true of al-

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cavity of the chest are affected, and if, in addition, lowness of

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some of the complications are hot directly attributa-

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tion ; and this difference is not found to depend on any accidental or

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D'Espine's sign ; i. e., the altered voice sound in

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foetus. It is iuYtherraore possible that the foetus in utero may

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Lohooghat, and used by the t Clay, i; Sulphate of lime, i;

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60^ t. by artificial heat. Yet it seems likely that,

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in all, the patients expressed themselves relieved from prostra-

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Professor of Clinical Surgery, Metropolitan Hospital. Department

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(K) Acetate of lead forms precipitates from each of these waters,

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matter their attentive consideration, particularly as experiments

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siiould be interdicted for about three weeks in order

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ever, we shall not. dwell upon, in order that we may lay before

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visable to question the patient as to sensitiveness

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increasing its activity. But sex is complicated. The

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piled together, being suffered to run into a condition approach-

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it was performed on the hand, the wounds were healed, and

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Chief of the Department of Physical Therapy, Mt. Sinai Hospital.

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and particularly at this period, to preface the present report

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on this account, not excise ? May not the disease have ex-

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amined at the diagnostic sections, where it had been