spleen alone was found tubercular. Four other guinea-pigs


emetics, purgatives, &c. when the stomach and bowels are in a

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and twelve died ; they had diarrhoea before doath, and

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bringing the patient well under its influence during the first

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thing new, but to merely emphasize the more important truisms or

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The two lungs, which are the organs of respiration, are placed

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Case III. Extensive disease of the aortic and mitral valves. Death at the age

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hygienic treatment was of much importance. Rest-^as

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stitutes a plague for the inhabitants of Iceland, in many other

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that, in certain cases, this Amine is the underlying cause of such

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sures may be conjoined. The subnitrate or the subcarbonate of bismuth in

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day, January 27. His subject was “Neuropsychiatric

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and is usually followed by a conspicuously increased output of urine.

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Moiroud, may be carried to 2 oz. for the horse, and 2 or 3 oz.

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trouble. The temperature was 102° ; the pulse-rate

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that the proteids of cow's milk are very difficult of digestion. To

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which has been so treated, should send clothing for him

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the vitality of the embryo in the early stages of extra-uterine

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the exception of 5 cases, the squamous-cell epitheliomas