JMahcr (J. J. E.) Some original stndies on the obstetri-
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colorless or " rice-water" like, and are spirted out with spasmodic
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filtered before an exact test is attempted. If filtration does not succeed
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But the means of access to the caisson are not generally such as to
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the crude drug. This result is obtained by percolation
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tion showing the varying range of this measure from 80 to 160 weeks.
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hemorrhages occurred from which the patient finally suc-
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The tua-tua's scientific name is Jatrafiha gossypifolia,
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attack. The diarrhoea stopped and constipation took its place,
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Shurley, E. L.: New York Mbdical Record, xxxvi., 1889, p. 25.
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they were given. The enforcempnt of this rule has a tendency to lessen
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typical. Here there was a reduction in the excretion of
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We have no more exact knowledge of lichen planus than we
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scarcely be set down. If he fail to apply the remedy and the patient
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(See ' Guy's Hospital Reports,' Oct. 1851.) Other cases are related, in which
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Washing out through a single tube, as has been done in most of the
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Curtiss, lacks the sense of humor and of proportion. In
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quietly sleeping under the anesthetic, the fixed Plaster-of- Paris dress-
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reflex contractions of the abdominal muscles, which remain localized at approxi-
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distended, there forms a side turn and the bowel is kinked at
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dency to relaxation. Should the peritoneal edges gape at any points, a few
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little air was admitted. It is very unusual for the
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no fymptom of lues venerea had appeared amongll them on
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in which the patient died one month after treatment began.
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upon heterologous milk than of those of one fed upon ma-
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the sternum in cases of mediastinal tumor, aneurysm of the
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tension is often to the breaking point, and the influence on
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Paradoxic Pupillary Reaction. This phenomenon, first described by Ober-
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«ame category with numerous otlier physiologic activi-
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about which the surgeons themselves are disagreeing. But we are learn-
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ted rather than ignored, as in the case of the East River
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revival of causes of excitement. The complexion is usually swarthy,
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