1>. Malaria. 9.3 cases; reporting discontinued September 1.

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remarks, we do not find remains of sebaceous glands in the little tumours,

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atory, where all our Wassermann's are done. We wish at times

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Not that they depend upon one another, but they both belong to the same

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Air. — The necessity for fresh air is as important as the

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when carbon tetrachloride is employed. Now, it appeared to me that any

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in regard to several of the substances, we only receive confirma-

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began a regular catheter life. Since then he has re-

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Though the pathological character of the part affected

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remain there. Upwards of 10,000 articles of clothing are

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but this irregularity soon disappears, although the tendency to

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14. That diabetes, beri-beri, leprosy, and probably

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Dubois-Raymond, the other (usually the anode) with a broad electrode

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better than the most superficial acquaintance with Jenner's

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2 o'clock in the afternoon Dr. Abbee said the end was looked for any

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blood on endometritis, and menorrhagia may be associated with

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when there is evidence of a failure in the primary assi-

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counseling, and actual ordering and delivery of radioisotopes. Among the

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cerebral disease. After very careful analysis of all the symptoms, Dr.

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ance. Her behavior and speech were markedly altered. Ideation

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tageously dispensed with it (the retained catheter) in several cases, the

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litharge p. X- c. the same quantity of dry resin: but the litharge mnst be pre-

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taken up the ease with spirit and energy. A very influential

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two deaths actually occurred. The honey was subsequently found to be

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a good routine procedure in dispensary practice where a great pro-

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ooosidered as an evidence that the diagnosis had been correct. After

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disease, and generally affects the veins of the legs, especially if