symptomatology of valve lesions. The incompetency of the heart,
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even suspected. The failure to recognize pericarditis depends
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the mode of election of the directors, delegating to
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few minutes had the satisfaction of rinding the distention, the oppres-
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had the valuable assistance of Professor Simpson of
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satisfy myself that the Society may not be much im-
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general meeting of the mem'jers called for that pur-
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W. E. Image, Esq., the ex- President, for his services
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Caution asks — "As to whether the lymph obtained from the cow
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fron joists, and concrete. The windows go up to the
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animate nature ; and the effects of which, on living
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acute myocarditis reduces the working capacity of the heart and
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the blood ; but this ultimately disappears ; and, al-
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hospital for a moment since they were admitted) ; it
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the origin of the disease in these cases, than that the
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ossifications or calcifications of the pericardium, but which are now
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In the chest, there were old adhesions of the right
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pericardium is a distensible sac and the force of the heart is so great
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has put forth instructions, chiefly for non -professional
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in inches, to indicate the length of insertion, and to
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contraction, partly by the collision of blood, and other causes, apex
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the danger, not of the uterus contracting too quickly
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Alteration and Revision of Laws for Society. Dr. Althaus,
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ing attention to the Gateshead fever cases, is a strong
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lege of Physicians, as of facts about which there is
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supposing all these chancres to be " mixed." Setting
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the valves on the right side of the heart are very rare. The atten-
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ai'my appointments, they had left others behind who
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to be encouraged rather than corrected ; and he pro-
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exists in combination. , . . Again, the expressions em-
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Jodin, jr., notion of ligbt on vegetable matters, 504
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of a model lodging-house, in which there were eigh- i before 1831, there had been an increase in the mor-
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hospital (says the report) " is situated in Margai'et