' voice, more or less difficulty in llic act of deglutitit n,
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less irritating than some of the others, and should be used when
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may be accepted as correct, since the figures are exact re-
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the stroke falls dead upon his weak organs and loaded tissues.
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specimens from a case of this sort. Mrs. H., aged thirty-six
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his wild oats in 86 degrees 33 minutes north latitude,
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the trials at reduction that may be made, or may not be
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With 86 illustrations and one set of test-types. Pp. 193.
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adaptation to the needs of the profession. It is far beyond
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The popular fallacy that each subsequent attack of appendicitis
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carbolates are powerful direct antiseptics ; I am convinced that
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sore throat 32, herpes 18, deafness 13, insomnia 11, photophobia 6,
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secured by separate silk ligatures, which were cut off short. The body of the uterus could
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are the encomiums of this useful institution at an early pe-
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Dose: ^ij.-iv of the officinal dilute acid, U. S. P.
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CPT-4: Summary of Additions, Deletions &= Revisions (1985 - 1989)
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months afterwards by Hecht (e) It consisted of the subjoined
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in tliese situations is attributable to i)ressure of the peritoneal effusion upon
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A contagious disease originating in any one spot, spreads thence
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remained under treatment in hospital at the close of the week.
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vers; their nature and prevention. Hi'iilili Li'ct., Lond.,
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unable to stand upon its feet at all, and could not even sit with the
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even eight. ITe made the subtraction of seven from a hundred
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(mercuric chlorid, creasote, etc.) deserve a trial. The fever calls for hydro-
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that he could be heard at a «;reat distance. Notwithstanding:
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tion of Fehling has become popular on account of its
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professional men, equal to the wants of community ; but no
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Dublin Pharmacopoeia. GrUiBOURT directs 1 part of musk to 12
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Induced Current," etc. There is no more interesting
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ether, 1400 ; sugar of milk to make 100 Made by repeated maceration
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now broke down, and his fear that with his hereditary
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of another animal, and finding there favorable conditions, becomes a per-