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trol. It has no power either to prescribe the courses of study

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difficult or impossible of fulfilment ; but we are dealing with a

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its members, if dormant now, shall be quickened into activity.

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abolition, and the painful difficulty of respiration,

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wines and beer is more than offset by the injuries to di-

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S. A. Skinner, Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer County (1895).

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Had effusion occurred at the first appearance of these symptoms, it is not pos-

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tageously dispensed with it (the retained catheter) in several cases, the

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disseminate sclerosis is that in which motor weakness preponderates and

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ducts. The urine in these cases is apt to show fine comma shreds in the

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Transactions of the American Medical Association for 1859 ; Pro-

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jority of cases. There is only one other disease which

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intermission of the pulse. Consequently the pulse-wave following upon the pause

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after the expulsion of the faeces ; it has been known to exist an

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was ansemic, the hue acid. The duodenum displayed exactly the same

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disease, the obese, and especially in those habitually given to drink, pneu-

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the hot-air bath is to be employed until free diaphoresis is obtained.

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Fibro-adenoma of the Ovarian Fimbria, and the Question of the Accessory

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and Secretary of the Medical Advisory Committee from

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payment of all the said amounts make such provision as