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Mr. Editor,— Shortly after the battle of Fair Oaks, or Seven Pine;?,
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hemorrhage of endometritis fungosa, or of cancer, surgical measures must be
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every hope that the assimilation of the poison had been prevented." Gen-
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this, among other reasons, I select calomel. The mercurial is especially
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patient is exercising. Walking and riding increase the irritation
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surgery, it shall be lawful for the Privy Council (in
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toward the production of a text-book on Pathology, an unsually
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Drs. Paddock, Hubbard, Miner, Sandford, Woodbridge, Camp, and
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and complications were rare and mUd. Of 91 unvaccinated children
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ment" showed that the common duct was patent, and following
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Tetotalism Aided.— The following news is quoted as com-
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under care of Dr. William Calwell, on February 14th, 1900. Her
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On the other hand, all the cases of the above series showed
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have so many and so brilliant advances been made, in
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Whether the institution of this diploma is the best means to
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more closely adhered to if the affection occur in spring or autumn,
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ol the Medical Purveying Depot in that city. S.O.i47i
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ulceration of the overlying skin, and discharge outward take place
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Certificate, Mr. John Green ; Third Certificate, Mr. A. J. G.
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herbage until the sudden rainfall, and had been ex-
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with each other to form acetic ether, as the nitric acid and oxide of ethyle do;
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Cut. and Genito-Urin. Dis.) that chancre is cured in the shortest possible
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The epidemic of foot and mouth disease in cattle, which
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the embryo escaping into the intestines of persons affected with taenia
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may be united as closely as possible arotmd the pedicle. But
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and ready to travel in less time than it takes to harness
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gives the writers personal experience ; it describes in
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the lips of the wound. This I judged from its position and
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