back as in case of ordinary treatment, since superoxygen-

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tected an " immense size of the nerves that go to the electri-

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liver, where it bad been detained by a proces'^. of filtra-

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pylorus. Tumors may be more readily palpated. This method

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the house should remain closed for twelve to twenty-four hours. One

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in the colon do not unite so readily as those in the small intestine,

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surrounded by a considerable quantity of sero-purulent exudation. The twelfth

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was put on the stretch, being drawn forward and up-

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words, " they did not start a single mawkin " for argumentative

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salicylates in acute endocarditis the result of rheumatism, contending

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presence was less frequent in those cases in which the grand mal

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half of the cases there was a stricture of the urethra, and

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of conjunctivitis. In the one case the patient, who has suffered

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pletely atrophied, so that no response to electric stimulation

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operation. It must be admitted, too, that the process is

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arily produce irritation." — The Times ami Register, Philadelphia.

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on the riu:ht hand, the road, which ruMS close along the water's edge

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Fio. 8. — Met tied of putting author's motor outfit together. The

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The perforating ulcer in diabetes must not be confounded with that

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quors, and contain alcohol in a more concentrated state, combined

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This case also we must accept, even though it is not absolutely

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The purpose for which they are to be used should be stated when they are ordered.

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of inoperable disease, when it is important to use massive doses of

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question whatever but that petroleum is an oil which is digested and absorbed like


of the first changes which ensued was the desquamation of the

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stimulant ; atropine is indicated where exudation is abundant,

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cases where the results did not materialise they were con-

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in his grave yesterday, 1 followed by a multitude of

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to patients, are usually measured by bulk, they cannot be

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or other food. In this case it is necessary to make a nick in

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body, and those from the right side of the brain for

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Dow, William B., L.R.C.P.Ed., L.F.P.S.Glasg., Fifeshire

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Geoige's Sr] 1 of Medicine :— " l consider that the parity and genuineness of

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The child was strongly built, but restiess ; it cried a

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other surface, is not clearly ascertainable. It is certainly not deprived of

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take their place as philosophical Surgeons than as brilliant