the action of the society of his county in suspending

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resigned his position with Dowie on September 10, he says,

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alluded to. Scarlet fever is sometimes so mild, and its symptoms so slight,

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were often present in the pectoral muscles of the back, deltoids

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of the problem, and the hope was then expressed that

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tion ; but as my own views on this subject have gradually

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Boston Medical and Suboicai. Journals, February 18,

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sometimes the diploe was rarefied. The question of opera-

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to healthy nutrition, but which is gradually lost on keeping. It is

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dyapnoea, imperatively demands aid. The result is merely palliative,

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and Kiener found, in 40 autopsies, 9 times intense, 17 times mild,

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As regards healing, by far the most favorable prognosis is found in traumatic

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attempts to close the eyes, the upper lid falls and the globe rotates

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be added that when motor nerves have lost their electric irritability, it is

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whiskey, and a small bottle of Carbolic Acid, distinctly labeled

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curred of pelvic cellulitis or peritonitis, and some of septicaemia, from

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4. Woodbury, F. James Aitken Meigs. Trans. Am. Med. Assoc. 31 (1880): 1069-75.

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Hydroxide in the Treatment of Peptic Ulcer, J. A. M. A. 116t 109-1 13 (Jan. 11) 1941.

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Zoster has been mistaken for eczema in its vesicular

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pnekerings. The largest of the open ulcers were the size of a shilling with irregular

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FIG. 9. Diagram to show how the middle lobe of the cerebellum and the

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Busby, M.D., executive vice president for medical affairs;

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condition, especially among women; thus, Lindner found that one out

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of the plates reaching to the crest of the ilium. On develop-

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The actual cause of this intractable condition is entirely

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