diagnostic symptoms from which he tests a paralysis to be hys-
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large quantity of water and ejecting the same immedi-
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tection fiom atmospheric influences were the strong argu-
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cool European climate, because constant perspiration
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ganglia are cut in two, and one-half is hardened in 95 per cent, alcohol as
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admissible in separating the fat or greasy matter, and in reducing the white,
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months' leave of absence, to take effect on or about Sep-
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Without using any of the local applications, Mr. R.
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The model consists of two equations: the first explains the
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no history of any antecedent emotional excitement or in-
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cialist. If this is the case it could, of course, only be
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serum early and frequently; of these nine recovered
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well-marked epidemics ; which is equal to a ratio of 84 epidemics
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return of the disease has been delayed for a length of
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has attracted increasing attention, has formed the sub-
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For Dyspepsia , Gout, Jaundice ', Weakness of the Digestive Organs,
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tents. If there is food present they exclude the case from this nosolojrj-.
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he exhil)ited tlie evidences upon his skin of a fresh
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in the apex of the lungs, associated with cancer in other organs, or with
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At night the patient suffers tortures from the incessant and painful erections.
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there is little or no fear of this, if not already present, becoming
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are present they are few and ill formed. There is practically no
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tabes dorsalis was made. The patient had had a chancre twenty-five years
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a new one, but none the less wide and useful. It is
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dried grey substance in tuberculous subjects contained i'6283 per
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treatment was again interrupted by her occupation, for some
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who have made up their minds from first to last to do right, regard-
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Reduction of Dislocations by Manipulation. — Dr. W.
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It is needless to state that the method of application must be varied
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suffering of the unfortunate and at the same time lengthen life most
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the dose to 10, 20, and in a few cases to 30 grains, and relied upon
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commune or culinare, chloruretum sodicum, E.; natrium
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take their place as philosophical Surgeons than as brilliant
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of texture, either in the mucous surface itself, or in any other part
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