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high school work could be pursued with profit to the students.
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out by exertion or excitement. One point in which I was particularly
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to 44.1 for women in the 80- to 84-year age group and
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phenomena of sublingual phlegmon. Two explanations are
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benefit from its use. Two most successful cases had already been
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weaken the animal, such as fasting, the production of an experimental
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series of prodromic symptoms, followed by the appearance of an
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Charles F. Mason, major and surgeon 2Bth Infantry Vols, (cap-
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selves. We liave not sufficient experimental proof to
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as far back as the parieto-occipital fissure, and in the temporal lobe
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Epsom salts. [Grive to a calf of 6 months old \ the dose for
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of bile, and some depression of the animal spirits.
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tingent for a year, was the guest of honor at a banquet tendered
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tion— fresh, calm, energetic, even intense, but deliber-
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qualified persons. The operation is performed, not infrequentl}', by those
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sonorous rales, and in patches fine crackling rales,
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as far as our subject is concerned, evidently belongs to the
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deposit in solution in the arm, as it will produce an ab-
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general belief. This belief is based on instances in which the disease has fol-
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circulation in the patient exaggerated the altered distribution of leu-
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technical details involved in the clinical popularization of the so-called
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which is one of the most fearful in causing deformities that
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323. French Beans — Ingredients — Beans, boiling water, butter the
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is very rare; when, however, the surface of the new growth ulcerates, there i*
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Cockman, and the Cato and Lcelius by Melmoth. In 3 vols. ISmo. With a
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That these are causes I do not feel positive from my own experience, but as irri-
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folloAving : — Is the position of a wounded body that which a suicide could
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rane, of Auchterarder, and in which the false aneurism
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proiu|»t retuiii t-i duty of all such soldiers as may be in a fit condition,
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throbbing, counts pulse in the ear. Ferrum phos., and plantago
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that which proved fatal in 1864 in Guy's Hospital, in which the patient
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history. Distinguishing AD from other dementing condi-
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{Specially Reported for the Maryland Med. Journal).
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John Hertz Research, disorders of the pituitary gland and related conditions. The