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pump, and tannin and the iodides should be administered. Ammonia
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intoxicative s^tes which are largely unknown. A book
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caused by the dryness of the pleural surfaces from the absence of
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our task. " It is not the heaping together of individual facts and
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Sixth. Do not apply a truss to preserve the effects
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natural supposition was, that the father, a powerful man of forty
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case the member loses nothing but the benefits of the associa^
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The thorough washing out of the cavity is important as long as any
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prove it. In another case a primipara, 23 years old, had been
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** these dislocations or extreme retroversions often are irre-
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man, aged forty-seven years, who also had exophthalmic goitre. Similar
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1920, V, No'. 8, p. 502) to support this theory that these organisms
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circumstances, those of you who have attended in the electrical
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ness is almost unknoAvn. In epilepsy it is almost, perhaps quite constant.
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covery of new and fanciful theories, and to traverse the boundless
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ilized nations. By means of the specific remedies which
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much force of traction must in many instances be employed^