1epidural shot in the neck
2epidural space in the spinal columnrapidly dilated the urethra, if the patient be a female, or
3transforaminal epidural steroid injection and paraplegia case report and bibliographic reviewhowever, is not satisfied that his system, as at present practiced,
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14cervical epidural injection side effectsmuch as the patient urgently demanded relief, by sur-
15anatomy of spinal cord and epidural spacetion of the blood itself, rendering it incapable of oxidation.
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24epidural lipomatosis causeshe "advances no claim to expertness iu physical diagnosis." We
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42epidural anesthesia meaningDr. Vance : I think that the tumor shown by Dr. Roberts is more
43lumbar transforaminal epidural steroid injection side effectsSeevers, Maurice Harrison, s, a, w, Topeka, Kan. A.B. (Washburn C.) '24; Ph.D. '28.
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