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should have by him for reference." — Medical Magazine.
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to take care of the water which is formed in nitra-
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A case of embolism of the pulmonary artery after ovariotomy is related by
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depth of water alongside the wharf is 19 feet, and there is ample
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ysm. For these latter possible cases the hypothesis has been sug-
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discussed the question, and his remarks were considered
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in a teaspoonful of water, following up the treatment with the rem-
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ination by Louis Heitzmann, M. D. New York. Second revised and
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latter being most prominent in the muscles of the calf, where it is usually in
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slightly bloody. At no time previous to coming under Mr.
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has no reason for existence. If he devoted himself to
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Practitioners. By J. Nevins Hyde, A. M., M. D., Professor of Dermatol-
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ventricle. But this alone does not seem to satisfactorily
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main point of the theory, the difference in the time of reaction, has not
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Sec. 4. That the Commissioners of the District, upon application as
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by adjusting a nut on the screw. The bands were ce-
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view of the limited and inadequate information at hand, no precise tabulation
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and, furthermore, that if a remedy in homoeopathic practice be a
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tion, in many forms, is decreed by the laws and, for the most
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which is caused by the force of the heart against the stagnant
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gress ; but that they will stem the tide completely, I
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the liability to the disease, but he was certain that wherever
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tageous, inasmuch as it exposes the neck of the condyle in the same
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each of which was developed in four concentric spheres,
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be applied. In the case of incarcerated scrotal hernia, it is
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sponding age, we should find a rise in stature of approximately \ in.
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'What I Think About Medical Societies," Dr. S. R. MoyiHT, Monroe.
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by children and even by infants, and the results obtained are
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tlie post of danger and duty, and whose vigilance and