the phenomena that are to be explained take place under such circum-
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body ached, but he went to work '^on a new job/' where a small truck
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ment can be intrusted to the patient; and their application is therefore to be
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cleansed, with cocaine and adrenalin, and the walls carefully examined.
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matter, to state that this work has passed through seventeen edi-
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sary. Subcutaneous injection has been tried, but with
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One half of the cases reported occur between the establishment of
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ate of Soda separately in water and then mix the two solutions,
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the fibrinous exudation. The third stage consists in the
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A Consideration of some of the Newer Problems in Abdominal and
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Let us see what patients belong to these two groups
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A study of Table I. shows that all the cases with one
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these are pigment cells, in other words, the microscopical anal-
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Experiment 2. Intravenous Inoculation Following Intraspinal Horse Serum
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few possess, of being able to enter fully into the thoughts and
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huskiness of voice, indeed, rendered first hearings from him painful ;
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arrangements of the infirmary ! The medical man then told
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normal situation of the arch of the foot. This presses
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This aseptic urethrotome has been used by me for five years^ in
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was carefully continued, it would also find its way into the
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which the nitrite does good. Yet they must produce contrary effects.
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bite, when in this condition, become also attacked by rabies."
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puncture was used for the diagnosis of fracture of the
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is probable that immature cataract is often the cause
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