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more rapid its development, the more marked are the

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accurately its exact physiological action. The clinical re-

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died about twenty hours after the operation. On making a

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The 1976 immunization status of Alabama's preschool

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discuss in this connection, but as an expression of princi-

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factor was largely responsible for this difference, since the women

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liquefied and disintegrated ; thus a cavity originates within a giiomatous

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no fat, and very little musculature. Before the experiment he had

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secure enough air. The subject is seen not only to breathe

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symptoms of rabies. Therefore must be deducted from

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cian that longer concealment or denial would prove dangerous

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with "talks" from his teachers, of little interest except from an

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rightly done or not;" but not that he shouli be prepared to

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posal of the soil, and small cesspools were used to re-

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Herpes facialis febrilis is common during attacks of malarial fever

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the natives, cholera would not become epidemic. In India great

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another case we timed our observations of a sphere and

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being only 19.3, and the extremes 10 and 45 ; and the mean period of admission

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portion of this system, and accumulated there unnaturally, is de-

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alis, and in one case complicated by catarrhal jaundice, a

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illicit sexual intercourse noticed a sore on the glans penis

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of the British navy, states, that the total mortality, [among

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from the urethra of a child, four and a half years of

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head of the pancreas by chronic interstitial pancrea-

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has been given in form of pills to the extent of forty grains

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even three times a day, and remain in the water about fifteen minutes

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biological and chemical qualities of the choleraic vibrio prove that the

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charge foul-smelling pus. The condition often begins with

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Why was blood-letting withheld in this case, as recommended by

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care, or subsequently, just how small the fraction is which expresses