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any further comment of my own, I leave you to draw your conclusion as
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^-^'^^^^^ J- Xv-Z-LN • Desiccated Blood, prepared by Dr. Craven, in tin packages, under an
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form and grow to the size of a man's fist, and larger, walled in by the previously
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urged that the rules for supervision should be the same in rural as in
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In this way I gradually collected eighteen or twenty symptoms, or groups
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Smith, that man cost roe £300.'' Dr. Ollapod doubtless would have
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74. St. (iERMAix. — On Amygdalotomy. Annales de V Oreille et du
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pear-shaped tumor at the lower edge of the liver. In a few cases secondary
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offered, and in Hke uiaunL-r referred : " On Luxation of
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strated in the inflamed intima. and it is very probable
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the inflammatory process may be averted, or at least modified
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pleural and abdominal cavities contained a > acute morbus Brightii ; and secondly, the
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view to the speedy relief of the unfortunate patient from that as well as all
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In ponies that work in coal-pits this is a very frequent form of
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their venoms made it impossible to prepare what one may term
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only" between all and any of these ; also (p. 29) that " such
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remained with him from October 10th, 1832, to M^H^ 1335, when I re-
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have been taken from the writings of Voit, of Oertel, of
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pied the posterior cul-de-sac. Over the lower portion of
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of the root. Sections for microscopic purposes were