This is, however, not sufficient to measure the higher

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deficient in any particular subject, this shall be stated, in order

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occurrence of metastatic deposits in the latter and their

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in water, or three to five drops of Dilute Prussic Acid, may be given

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brings on. Two hypotheses may explain the favourable action of ipecacuanha in

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the fluid ; and with a view to effect this, the parts may

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many in 1903, you may remember, and It is the method

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the opening of a greatly distended appendix, which has some-

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at this quantity for ten days at least, when, every-

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tinued recumbent position, showing that the supply of blood

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remarkable symptoms of disease, the pulse being almost quite normal, the ton;^uc and

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other organs where the texture and location of the part

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the throat. The converse may be quickly proved by a

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Dec. 4, 188(3), and considering the variation from normal in

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In the record given / = 9"5 mm., m = 10,000, t — 1 second.

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the two cases in question according to Dr. de Wecker' s last

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(G) The angle obtained in any individual case depends in part upon the

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particular science has advanced may be measured by the

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Thus the muscles engaged in conjugate deviation to the left and ri"ht

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K.) Traumatic exophthalmos with deligation of botli coiii-

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finally, as they may recur again, so the urine must still be watched,

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is a green cheese"; but we never, till of late, supposed, that any

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603-660. — Tanaka (T.) ' Bisitsu jenkau kausha no itjire

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In three cases injections were made into the liver. In two of these

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ancient and honorable Faculty can read the same with-

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real histories of some wretches who had fallen under the blows or

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disease, either the internal or external use, the attention is

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his observation several years aso, but at which time he