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by Gram. No growth in milk. Diagnosis Micrococcus gonorrJuem
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case. Stolkind advised its use in children as well as in
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hysterical subjects often yield to Bromide of Potas
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Children must be induced to take the amount of nourishment ordered
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tion of any of the usually employed antiseptic or disinfectant agents
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Aurist to the Presbyterian Hospital and to Pennsylvania
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produce an atrophy of the prostate as oophorectomy produces
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Compensatory Channels of Circulation. Dilatation of the superficial abdominal
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factory method is to turn up a furrow in tlie pasture so
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tinated by the serum of a sheep immunized with a hemolytic strepto
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Uses External. The compound tincture of benzoin is a
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proper and when the disease depends on a degree of phlogis
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or uterus. As few as possible vaginal examinations should
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