subscribed. It was understood that when these vehicles were
and may afford important surgical indications in some cases of
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he is not able to accomplish so much .as that. Every year
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intensity of the corpuscle-reflexes, which by another
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true. Immediately after graduation in medicine I settled
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avoid confusion; the baby should be waked at the proper hour if neces-
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that the Comitia Minora report at the next meeting some efH-
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Jackson and Eastman (The Boston Medical and Surgical
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necrosis may extend deeper than the epithelium into the subjacent tissues.
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face and hands were dark, but he had In-en expose*! to the sun ;
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to intermissions of the radial pulse. Upon the other hand, Wenkebach's conception
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Operation : sinus explored, no ptis found in groove, but sinus contained
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section is diffluent, so that we must be very careful lest we should render
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presence of an undulating membrane. Breinl, who has studied
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community finally engaged Edward L. Woolf, from the Philadelphia
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having taken place, and all the symptoms of her case having assumed a most
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before the French Academy on the whole question, in which Longet, Figuier,
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in cases of caries or necrosis, is not well borne, according to Bezold, by the tym-
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say that in Keating's '< Cyclopaedia of the Diseases of
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resulting from congestion which cause a diminution of
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tissues, which have a "doughy" feeling and "pit" under press-
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found it to be ten hours in four rabbits, — and its
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with creosote, tuberculin, etc. The calcium salts are said to be deposited
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County; Insanity — Preventive Measures, by Dr. John P. Gray, of
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certificate must have it registered in the ofl^ce of the Recorder
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being. Externally the organ was more or less roughened in
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appendix or intestine or anything of tiiat sort is al-
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bodies, and cannot be removed till they have ulcera-
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as well as experimental work is needed, for it is only in this way that the
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people across the street, and who thought I might perhaps suit him with
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much to care for "), he claimed that I.ord Bacon uttered a
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two children — Colonel Theodore B. Hamilton and Mrs.
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and in 1908, 1.56 inches on 16 days. The mean temperature in
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a one per cent, solution. This should stand at least 24 hours before
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a powerful syringe, and apply it to the orifice of a drainage-tube with the pur-
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ally resemble influenza, but which on bacteriologic examin-