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Certificate, Mr. John Green ; Third Certificate, Mr. A. J. G.
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ease, and this must be closely watched or it will produce serious ptyalism,
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kidneys, or the skin; and yet it is a remedy infinitely more available than
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administration of morphia to relieve the pain. Morphia, he thought,
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utherland, and a committee was appointed to consider the matter
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jected with quicksilver, which being carried into the
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catarrhalis obtained from the throat of a case of measles was
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a rheumatic or neuralgic state ; and the course of the malady is so
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teeth. There was no hypersemia within the cranium. The lungs
Dr. Marten, of 629 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto, died at his
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tion has just started or has recently made progress. Further
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