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board of directors,* assuring linkage between CMIC and CSMS.

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mode of exit from the chest. When the thoracic pus does take

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2. Pachymeningitis— Haematoma. — Pachymeningitis means chronic in-

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especially in the lungs, where the pulmonary perspiration, as it is

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The lesions in the mouth have been, for the most part, considered. In the

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this reason it is probably the most important symptom, as it calls atten-

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gynaecologists and obstetricians during the past two or three

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Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he must say all he has to say in the

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In the preparation of this edition the author has spared no pains to improTO it witlT the results

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over the top of the abscess and cutting from within outward. After

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events hydrops of the gall-bladder may ensue, and in the other, chronic

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deteriorated condition of the blood, are frequent hemorrhages. Epis-

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tumor. About the last named, it is true, the accounts stressed chiefly the size

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Stimulating tonics owe their power to the union of a bitter principle

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may produce severe symptoms, ir sometimes difficult to expel, but is not

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wind instruments, etc., are the main exciting causes. Hernia is di-

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hyperthyroidism. The rise is slow, the high point being reaclied one boor and