Weber, Agnew, Wecker and Landolt, Prince, and others.
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the predicted annual savings would exceed $167 million
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A Text-book of Medicine. By Adolf Striimpel. Second
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adolescence. Dr. Adrian Vander Veer of the Department
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there is active tuberculosis in the lungs and some slight ulceration
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Another and more striking instance of the same kind is
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heroic practice, trusting more to the recuperative energies of nature,
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tary, and highly unsatisfactory scheme of Medical education
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tumour. It is, of course, possible to have an intracranial tumour and an
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Philadelphia, Pa. ; Treasurer, Dr. H. P. Newman, of Chicago. Address
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-stage is also variable ; rarely, if ever, longer than forty-eight hours, some-
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be fed more than once in three hours during the day,
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culosis and scrofulosis had been clearly disproved.
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20th of October, but was raised on the supposition that
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Dr. Storer said he had seen, in consultation with Dr. Edward Warren,