By-I.,aw shall read, "Four Censors shall con.stituie," etc.

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F. R. C. S., Assistant Surgeon, Guy's Hospital, etc. With One Hundred

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kindly and generous help in scientific work and suggestion given

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Dr. Bcnce Jones had sufficiently recovered from his late ill-

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Dyspnoea. — Shortness of breath is sometimes the first symptom noticed

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the eye, unless this agreeable excitant proceeds from an

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was seen that the interference with the flow of bile

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Before concluding I wish to thank the medical officers

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and the solitary system, and in a great measure of the cellular or

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these need not be entered on here. In a certain number of cases, aspira-

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number of those who consult one for spermatorrhoea, or for impotence.

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whether this inflammation is the cause of the new formation and dila-

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ticular size, the inference that that patient is a proper subject for

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Recently the nitrite of amyl has been introduced as a remedy for arresting

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ines a woman without using antiseptics. He carries .

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of the estimation in which it has been held by various physicians

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place only where life is present; they cannot be imitated outside

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Locality and habits. — Ginger is a native of Hindoos-

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in splendid condition ; has grown strong and stout.

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decay similar to that which characterises the morbid products of the

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I REPORT this case, not because rupture or laceration of

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