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intinitesimal quantity may sutfice to infect an animal of the same species.
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course without any serious symptoms, but occasionally complications arise.
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Under Section 269.52 (2) of the Wisconsin Statutes,
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oven moderate exercise, and immediately the vlVx of
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had shown him several insane patients upon whom had
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of some of the nerves involved in the wound. There Mas also para-
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hard's work upon the lipolytic ferment of the stomach should be consulted for the
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nephrotic syndrome, bilateral renal cortical necrosis,
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European countries to hold a meteorological conference
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the most malignant forms of disease yet observed. The symp-
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and vault no colonies of hemolytic streptococci. X-rays: Three areas, right and
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brim, it will then be free to rotate on its axis. This posi-
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l(^c change in i^eir normal molecular ccmsistency. Such lowered
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well, and nothing unusual in ihe quality of the milk
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quinine was used. The results of the trial were, however, of such an unsatis-
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palpation ; pain, distension or collapse, borborygmi, tumours, constipation,
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bone one can ascertain with greater certainty that the
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in later life is the result of syphilis or acute and chronic
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Art. XII. — Efficacy of Persulphate of Iron as an Haemostatic. By
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state of the capillary circulation. It has been seen pervading the cel-
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4. Rupture of the Uterus at Full Term ; Large Ovarian Cyst ;
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with the highest rate of increase, and respiratory diseases with the
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out of the United States, the Secretary of the Treasury
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As regards healing, by far the most favorable prognosis is found in traumatic
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and increase, by admixtm^ with decomposing animal substances. This
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council, or those on whom the duty of electing its members has de-
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Mr. Thomas Browne at Saffron Walden. Here, too, he made
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Oxford- Richard Turner, Lewes; Thomas James A\ alker,
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symptoms are present which have resulted from suggestion and
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Furuncle always begins at the surface and only later attains the
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^11 that has been said and done in reference to this
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diagnosed and operation recommended. When admitted to
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matic conditions. In instances of this character, the
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suddenly, without any striking premonitory symptoms, sink into
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layer of the epidermis — none in the rete mucosom, none in the hairs. They are