become very acute, and there may be lightning pains,
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II. The Peroneal Type. — This is a less common form of
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1895 Ltjcas-Championnieee, Dr. Just, Surgeon to the St. Louis Hospital,
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In conclusion, it is proper to state, that Mary's health had
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solvents for uric acid, not only for concretions in the kidneys, but for
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coal, there can be no doubt that it must be liberated
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an acoustic instrument, formed of tubes and sacs, for the
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Under 5 years of age, 3S — between 5 and 20 vcars, 6 — between 20 and 40 vears, 14 — be-
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\ ^li>'i" ':■-' i'.i--r- ii-..iii til.- I.. ,1 liJL'liri .uiiio-plu-ru pic--urc.
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places, and in different cases at the same time and place. As a rule, it is
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icterohaemorrhagica. The spirochaete has been found in the blood and
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tion, though this fluid is so much talked of in accounting for pa-
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few years. It requires a few years for any line of surgery
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powers ; and a very tolerable account of its effects
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bloody and mucoid, later becoming fluid. The number of discharges per day
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ulcer, reported as performed in May or June of this
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Senn's operation of intestinal anastomosis with the plates does not
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The, cause of the disease is unknown. Cantlie recommends as a
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out, situate in the space of Douglas. An attempt was made to remove
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meningitis of children," Medico-Chirurgical Trans, vol. Ixii. p. 442, 1879. 9. GEE, S.
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I was incHned still more to this opinion from considering, that in the
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known signs of peritonitis have been present, or if that silent
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quently carried out and perfected by Tait, namely, the flap-
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report upon "Tyrotoxicon — its Presence in Poisonous
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with Trinity College, Dublin, he postponed the Bill until
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curetted in order to remove all suspicious tissuee. The anterior inci-
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