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sionally true of defecation. From time to time exacerbating, convulsive

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us to introduce such subjects as this, and perhaps some others,

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bone substance, are examples of this. Defective blood supply to the

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groin and thigh. The abdomen was much distended, and contained (by esti-

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was put under chloroform. The polypus was seized with a pair of strong vul-

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and Sawtscheuko (38) have also studied the parasites.

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scribing autopsies in which arrow shafts had "plugged

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the cadaverous condition of the lungs, and refusing his astent,

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Obsli. rnssk. vrach, v ]ianivat IMroirova, S.-I'i lerl),, 1894,

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for the Insane. By H. E. Allison, M. D., Auburn, N. Y.

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Dr. D. Hunt had also observed that nausea and faintness were obviated

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muth or barium may reveal anatomic conditions which need

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extended to suppuration and caries, and to illustrate it by the narration of

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the body generally, which often becomes the seat of an endless

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tenderness, and perhaps crepitation ; if compound, its condition

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a blister over the painful region, unless it be upon the back. I should

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tion 60 c.c. of a 10 per cent, solution of acetic acid are further added.

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multiple cerebro-spinal sclerosis, with tumours, Avith chronic myelitis,

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ter than they were getting, and they were coming to the

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pass off quickly. We are inclined to consider these as being due to

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hypersBmia of the spleen, whidi I think can be readily explained, and

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lence of typhoid fever in the District of Columbia in the summer of

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diseases, and reach the following conclusions: Disease of the

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1597 9 Hydrarg. Cyanidi, gr. xij. (gr. xvij, Biett.)

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entirely new problem. The symptoms are evidence of the seat of the

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treated 11 patients with brain abscess in a military hos-

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the crew of a French fishing-boat tliat had come from

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required to furnish collateral such as an insurance policy in which the Ameri-

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lished. Authors are responsible for handling requests for reprints of their

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New Doctrine of Aphasia. — The classical conception of the mechanism

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pityrodes, dandriff). In the former kind there is an excess of oleaginous

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'of typical cases of typhoid fever successfully treated with-

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that it is properly done, and she should make herself per-

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afterwards the whole surface treated twice a week with light and su-