both sides. The patient, who suffered also from mental aberration, was
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be fastened into a slender handle so as to be drawn out or pushed
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Pathology. — Tumors are sometimes observed in this region, and more
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the joints, pericardium, and endocardium. It must be admitted
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cible pressure upon the convexity of the curve two or
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of malignant cases, the disease is necessarily fatal. The blood changes
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metal. Our own country, compared with Germany, Italy, and the
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uterus free and to pass the fixing sutures only through the lower part of
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oil and one drachm of carbolic acid : used for oil-
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generally, by reorganization, it is unnecessary to go
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pensary, is the chief spoke in the wheel. He visits the home, ex-
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several cases also in which the quinsy habit has existed
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island of Gozo, and it is hoped that thereby the disease may
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neuritis and mental disturbance. The neiuids hardly
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their natural state undoubtedly frugivorous, it must be that their conclu-
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cerning the dangers of the use of this metal and its salts in the arts and
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Dr. William Osier, of Baltimore, and Dr. Morris Longstreth, of
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for lack of proper treatment. 2. There is still a place for the
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because the septum, not completely developed at this age, has
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the property annually for sale, and to lease it by the year.
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ner^'e on an infant nine weeks old with the Voit-Pettenkoffer apparatus.
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specimens from a case of this sort. Mrs. H., aged thirty-six
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two lingers and is prolonged downwards along tlie I'adiiil
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tion of the bladder is detected. Suppurative destruction of the vesical
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York Pathological Society ; American Microscopical Socie-