Urethra by Plastic Operation ; with Some Observations
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Discussion opened by Dr. William F. Reardon, Dr. John B. Boucher.
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A. Hare calls attention to the abuse of digitalis in
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One attack may immediately follow another, but as a rule there is an interval
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nant with twins in one compartment of the uterus and had a normal
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applicable to each case. The number of streptococci in milk may be
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may impair ability to engage in potentially hazardous activities
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is a constant, significant, and, it may be, the earliest symptom. If a tw^
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sections of a large muscle like the gastrocnemius at sufficient
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Mr. Do RAX said that the reason why drainage was unsuccessful in these cases
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tion is not so evident in serum allergy and other forms of allergic
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removed, and with them a bit of black felt from the patient's
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liaria, or miliary fever, as it is generally designated,
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practical efficiency, which the public will not be slow to appreciate. One
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