lion or less. The hemoglobin, though actually low, is still high

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scratching with considerable pressure, though it is never necessary to cause

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his proposal he and not Hahnemann would have evolved the

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considered the propriety of a new register, and when we were considering the printing of a

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ing infant mortality is comparison of the death rate with the birth

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profound emotional depression, resulting in the fixed focus of at-

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on the committee. There are very few members who desire to serve on that committee. I

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tions of the liver, where the quantity and quality of the bile poured

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and died in Whitman, Mass., November 21, 191 1. Dr. Bemis was a self-

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Nays — Drs. Armour, Barrick, Britton, Henry, Sangster, Spence.

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experience in that kind of thing and I would rather not act," but when he is called on

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at any other time, here or elsewhere, of the topic forming the text

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of thirty-one days in a control series. About 15 percent of cases

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rarely running over 3000 c. c. in 24 hours, with a specific gravity

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now retire from the Presidency with the happiest recollections, and with the memory of

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or another, the stenographer's report shows there was nothing at all said, except, "Mr.

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stomach and intestinal trouble to the sufferer, had been reduced by mechanical means, and

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frequently encountered by us all and one which demands our attention.

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Well, for the most of us, they blend harmoniously one with

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prolonged anesthesia required. Artificial dilatation of the cer-

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(a) That thev be graduates in medicine. It is preferred that they

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Florence, Italy, in January 19 10, and is published bi-monthly.

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mittee members, and members of the Board of Examiners are hereby repealed.

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interesting session both from a literary as well as a social view-point.

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his position at Norwich (Connecticut) Insane Hospital and has accepted

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iodide, Sulphur. To this list I would add Arsenate of Strychnia,

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Dr. Thorburn — My friend says thirty, but I think it is forty ; however, it does not

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was Dr. E. Stillman Bailey's demonstration of the presence of

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wifery, Operative and other than Operative, and Puerperal Diseases etc.; Dr. A. S. Fraser,

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a somewhat difficult matter, else would some of us drop by the

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that we have wiped the disease out of the city. Hope so. It has never

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at the same time the medicinal treatment is begun. The author prefers

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evolution of undesirable habits is environment, especially where

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question "What can we do about it?'' By recognition of the