Summary of Case I. — An infant who suffered from eczema

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brain, and darkness operates to check the action of the phosphorus, from which dull-

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Dr. Maats passes in review the history of the treatment. He

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fine hair with an anterior frontal and an anterior temporal border.

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days afterwards. From this date cholera began to break out amon^

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The patient voids, and then takes by mouth 15 gm. of urea

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its effects is not, however, of much value, but the author gives a

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for the materials of repair. The congestion is not in such case

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with the least important of the myomata, those of the skin may

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existed ; and slight effusion of serum in the theca vertebralis ; the sub-

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whereas it is good if the number of reticulates is high.

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things for me, by directing the special moans, through my perfect re©

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Zander, of Chemnitz, and Dr. Geissler, of Meerane, both re-

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even of an active kind are often visible in the muscular fibres of the

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is why the man was discharged from the army, although, at the

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morphine treated with a solution of bichromate of potash — ^a result due

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or eight ounces, and measures six or seven inches. Ossification has taken place in

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tempt being made to build up weight especially with a high ration

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tumors invohing the regions beneath the cortex and the adjacent

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neys with respect to their ability to excrete water, salt, and

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crowded encampment on the banks of the Mahmoudie canal, in the

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is much more loss of substance at the orifice of entrance than of

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The usual swallowing movements which precede the act of vomiting

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occupiea by the salt-pits and Vetang des Fasqmers were reclaimed."

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semen cannot escape. In all cases where this is done the emission is as complete

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of the disk was sharp and distinct. There was no pallor seen in

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incoagulable nitrogen, 120 and 128.9; creatinin, 4.8 and 6.3, and

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said to be based upon the results deduced from the statistics of

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ningitis, 80 that in a case where a meningitis was diagnosed M.

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coughed up an ounce of blood and had a blood-streaked sputum

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weight of the male child at birth is 7.06 pounds, of the female 6.42 ; the average

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lasted among the author^s cases, before death took place, was

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as a challenge to the radically dift'erent results ordinarily ob-

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weight 8 pounds, 12 ounces. Weight on admission 8 pounds,

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ring, with ensuing relative insufl&ciency. In these patients