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The latter disease bears no relation to herpes zoster, excepting only
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pyrex glass, some of them, notably phenol red, will re-
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then poured into the vessel so as just to cover the bottles,
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the recurrence of pregnancy, and so forth. The daily, monthly, and
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cise an influence over psoriasis. Dr. Dyce Duckworth has reported a case
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horizontal, or in an arm thus supported during deep sleep ; drooping is
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6. Composition of Buffer Solutions. The compositions of va-
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continuous labour. If he is impulsive, if he gives free rein to his
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The tongue may participate in the spasm, and the consequent stiff-
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beginning to write ; who grasps the pen with all his might, and perhaps
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first situation ; but they may occur on the thighs, legs, penis (chiefly on
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constitutes suppurative or impetiginous eczema. This must not be re-
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surface of the nails, which grow out like large talons or claws. It is
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coccidium of the rabbit's liver,* which produces the disease called psoro-
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sidence of the eruption and its symptoms, but with their cause these
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name was first given to the disorder by Le Roy de Mericourt in 1864 ;
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nuclear clear zone in some of the cells. The cytoplasm is quite baso-
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frequently that of heat or burning, rarely move definite sensations of
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asleep as soon as possible, you remove the cause of his sud-
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all the annals of eccentricity it would be difficult to find
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portentous phenomenon to show as the catalogue of the
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inflicted, and which are left to his unaided efforts for their redress.
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over three years have passed without relapse, I have treated 10 cases
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verruga Peruvienne. Paris, 1898. — 42. Idem. La presse midicale, July 27, 1898. — 43.
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examines the nerve-trunks of both limbs simultaneously by means of
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are certainly in feeble health, but there is no special kind of cachexia.
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Causes of criminal lunacy. — The doctrines or hypotheses of the
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Reports, vol. i. 1898) have isolated a bacillus which in rabbits produced
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"Wilson's in London as 1 in 400 ; M'Call Anderson's in Glasgow as 1 in